Tip: Exploration, and the Rule of Six

The hacking Rule of Six in EVE Online exploration is a huge (and coherence) saver. It’s been published many times, but I like Marroc’s explanation and graphics best!

Go check it out: https://marrocsevestory.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/day-6-rule-of-6/




Tip: Decloak Dumb or Lazy Gankers

The two biggest risks while exploring are gate camps (instalock or bubbled) and getting ganked in the site.

A dedicated pirate won’t warp to the signature at zero, but a casual ganker, or someone who is simply taking the opportunity to welcome you to their wormhole might warp to the signature at zero with the intention of either slow-boating cloaked to your location, or saving a collidable’s location so they can warp off and back.

If you jettison a piece of junk (carbon is perfect) at zero on the signature, and someone warps to the signature at zero, they’ll be decloaked by the jettisoned can, giving you notice they are present, and interested in paying a visit.

One option is to warp to zero when setting up your site perch, jettisoning the junk, then following yesterday’s tip to warp from perch to can to perch to can.

Happy hacking!

Tip: Never Warp Gate to Gate

As with all “never” rules, there are plenty of exceptions, but “never” warp gate to gate. Instead, warp from some celestial or (better) from a safe spot that is not directly in line between high traffic gates/celestials (e.g. the sun).

This is critically important in WH Space (where “gate” equates to wormholes) and Null Sec, where bubbles, smart bombers, and decloak junk are likely positioned to capture those who warp blindly from one gate to another.

This is somewhat important in Low Sec where gate campers will be positioned so your warp-to-zero from gate to gate is within their optimal range, and even relevant in High Sec, where War Deccers and suicide gankers are clustered similarly.


Tip: CCP Writes Dev Blogs

I know, I know… there’s nobody who sees this who doesn’t know already… but maybe some search engine will see this response to those wondering how to learn what is new in EVE Online, and get directed to https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/ as a result. A current search to find out what is new in EVE Online tells you about the current expansion, which is swell, but that’s giving you a fish, rather than teaching you how to fish for yourself.

Tip: Save Bookmarks In Warp

There are scores of cases where we need a bookmark at some distance greater than 100Km, but on-grid with the target. One way to do this is to create a bookmark, then warp to that bookmark at some range, and set the new bookmark. This works fine, but it’s an unnecessary extra step.

Instead, I suggest the following: Continue reading