Wormhole Pirate

Put on your big girl panties, this one will make you cringe!

Rixx Javix and Dunk Dinkle were joshing on Twitter about why anyone would listen to Radiohead. I bought Pablo Honey for “Creep” shortly after it came out – and was sad to find that was the only song on that album (or any other I’ve heard) that I like. So, I’m no Radiohead fan, but why pass up the opportunity to gently troll such luminaries of EVE?

This one’s for you, gentlemen, with all my love and respect!

Special thanks to any of Dunk’s mates who play this on comms for his listening pleasure. Rixx doesn’t use comms, so he’ll probably never hear it unless Liz decides to hassle him with it.


Dei mos be de right address!

I’ve looked forward to becoming a Delivery Agent with WINGSPAN Delivery Services since only a few days after I first undocked. After very much learning to enjoy solo hunting (more on that later), I finally applied to and was accepted to become part of WINGSPAN Delivery Services.

Thus far, I’ve found WINGSPAN to be an excellent fit for my play style. Plenty of backup, adult, but not excessively vulgar comms, and all the freedom I want to enjoy solo wormhole piracy! I’ve struggled to earn my Delivery Agent wings for the past couple of weeks, however, due to RL distractions and difficulty connecting with recipients.

I’m pleased to have overcome that initial hurdle! There’s nothing unusual or special about this delivery, and there’s some issues with the live audio that I had trouble cleaning up, but it’s important to me, because it’s my first as a WINGSPAN Delivery Agent!

I learned a few things in particular on this excursion, and in reviewing the video:

  • Warp to 35 on gas clouds, not 20.
  • Spam lock after deactivating cloak, in case there is lag or other delay.
  • I need to use the radial menu more, and futz with the right click less.
  • The Fleet menu will collapse to a simple list – much easier on the screen real estate (if I think to shrink it), and adequate for small gangs.
  • Discuss who is grabbing the loot, so it doesn’t get forgotten!
  • I need to D-Scan more. I bang that key like… well, a lot, until I get on grid with a delivery recipient, then I get lax.

Special thanks to Delivery Coordinator Mei Long and “oh crap, it’s a Loki” Zevens, and o7 to Callen Isu and Maybe Later of Capital Endeavors for undocking with the intent to receive delivery!

Sorry you missed out on the delivery, Monster Baine, but hey, when the shift ends, the shift ends!

How not to gank an Astero

Erutor overheats the fail as he attempts to gank a fellow explorer.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Be careful where you warp – objects in space are larger than they appear, and will decloak you.
  2. If you’re warping to a safe between hack, cloak up, and don’t always warp to 0. If I’d made fewer mistakes, this could have been Puiu’s doom.
  3. If your target cloaks, you don’t continue in a line, you just sit there like a dummy. Re-set your speed or double click in space.
  4. Use the right drones.
  5. Don’t forget to tackle back if you’re beating your ganker – he almost certainly could have killed me if he had.

Special thanks to Puiu Spartan for the content, and to a few of my space friends who offered the kind words that inspired me to get back to work on my backlog of footage to share what I’ve learned!

  • Hetu Hegirin – Otherwhere Circle
  • ChingShi Bonney – Heritage Protection Initiative
  • Dorian Reu – Signal Cartel


Want to fail like this too? Sign up, play for free, and look up Erutor in gamel!

Use this link to start EVE with 250,000 extra skill points: http://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=9e4b8889-a0de-4141-99b0-31da1125cc23&action=buddy


Saints We Should Remember – Saint Vilantane

The following is a short story entry in the first annual Amore Tank Your Hearts Writers Contest for YC118! You might also enjoy Unsatisfied, for a light-hearted romantic tale.

Checking a HighSec static opening from a wormhole he was exploring, Erutor realized he was in Amarr space. Stopping by a local station for refreshment, and to offload some plunder, he overheard the following program:

Welcome, children, to today’s episode of Saints We Should Remember! Today, let’s spend a few moments to remember Saint Velintane.

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tl;dr – Blew up a Legion in my Stratios, but pilot self-destructed, so no explosion. Sadface. Poetic, rather than analytic style.

She is tantalizingly beautiful, her solid but graceful silhouette framed by the stars as she fondles a priceless relic perched upon a standing stone monument. Her touch dances lightly over the artifact’s rough surface, pitted by years of exposure. I approach quietly, knowing her tendency to dash away at the slightest provocation. As I draw closer, I have time to allow my eyes to caress the smooth lines of her outstretched arms, and the delicate curves of her gold-clad torso sparkling in the starlight. I admire the smoothness of her gait as she continues her solitary dance.

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EVE is Dying! Ain’t it great?

EVE is Dying.

Prior to the swell of alpaca clones, we heard this frequently, and I’m sure that when the surge passes, and player count drops a bit (and it will), the bittervets will once again pick up the mantra.

I consider myself a bit of an EVE toddler now. Not that I know much, I’m just not cute any more, and can’t claim to be a “cute little newbro.”

Sorta like this guy…

The Minmatar Toddler of Notre Dame

I’m also no vet, and can’t claim any special knowledge or perspective, but I am here to join the bittervets in proclaiming that Eve is Dying, and also to say we need to celebrate this more.

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A tip for the EVE Online new New Player Experience

At one point near the conclusion of the new EVE Online New Player Experience, you will find your ship destroyed by a large explosion. They’ll warn you that this is about to happen…

Tip #0

Don’t over-fit your ships (like I did) – fit what they suggest: no more, and no less.

Tip #1

When they warn you of the impending explosion, save your position in space by creating a bookmark (Ctrl-B). Or, right click on your ship’s wreck and save it’s position before you’re podded.

After you are back in operation, return to the bookmark you saved, and take a minute to collect loot (meh – mostly metal scraps) and salvage the ships (yours, and the NPC wrecks) in the area with the salvager module you’ll receive.

You’ll make 375,000 ISK or more, which is nice seed money to help you get on the road again after your loss.