Pleased to be on staff with Eve Onion!

After a score of technical challenges, Opus Magnum’s EVE Onion site is live! I’m pleased to be a part of the launch. Check it out!

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Exploring other games’ mechanics in EVE Online – Randomized Loot

Apothne encourages us in his most recent post to consider what might happen if interesting mechanics from other games were integrated with EVE Online.

Those he initially discusses (Mob Age, Restriction Challenges, and Damage Erosion) are interesting mechanics, and could provide for fascinating emergent game play. The idea of Mob Age leads right to the case where sov holders (or squatters) protect pirates in their space so they can fatten them up for later slaughter. This first idea is the most intuitive world/lore fit for me. The second (Restriction Challenges) would be a good fit for The Agency objectives. Damage Erosion, although intriguing, would be such a dramatic and unbalancing change that I had to immediately dismiss it as impractical.

Speaking of unbalancing and impractical, and obeying Apothne’s call to consider this broader topic, my favorite mechanic is randomized loot (hat tip to Asheron’s Call, who did this better than any other I’ve experienced). I love the variable rewards system, and the chance of “something awesome and unexpected,” even if the average is the same or worse than a known rewards model (which is why I utterly loathe wormhole PvE, where the risks are random, but the rewards are fixed).

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Stratios in a Guristas Rock Haven? Yep!

Not usually my thing, but with dank ticks being all the rage on the internets, I thought I’d pretend my Stratios is a VNI, and see what happens.

I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but I understand the whole 100MN VNI thing a lot better now.

Don’t even start on Heela vs Geelah… It’s that one cruiser… 🙂

And no, I’m not saying a Den is high risk/high reward – I’m saying the 5/10 escalation you get from them is. 🙂

Two for the Price of One!

A Stratios, a Thrasher, and two Asteros walk into a bar wormhole…

Lessons Learned or Reinforced:

  1. This bait, or the next?
    It’s hard to know whether to jump on the kill at hand, or wait for a bigger fish. This time, it paid to wait. I suppose the best guide I’ve found is the level of activity in the neighborhood. If we’re 30 jumps from Hek, then we’d better get what we can. If we’re one out from the Perimeter hole, it’s probably worth waiting.
  2. Always be D-Scanning, and watch your overview.
    This is perhaps the golden rule in most space. It doesn’t do much good to orbit and warp out to safes if you just keep orbiting when the hunter decloaks.
  3. Don’t get wrapped up in celebrating, and get surprised by a party crasher.
  4. Bonus! Hunting frigates with a cruiser? Sensor Boosters For-The-Win!