HS Systems with Multiple L4 security agents in the same corp

TLDR: This list of High Security systems with multiple L4 Security agents in the same corp is useful when you’re no longer grinding faction standing, and are trying maximizing your ISK/hour by accumulating LP with only one corp. It also may help avoid gankers if you can avoid major mission hub, or provide gankers with a list of systems to watch for L4 grinders.

Archived from https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/owfkml/list_of_hs_with_l4_security_in_the_same_corp/ for convenience. Full credit to https://www.reddit.com/user/Sekotan/


  • Dotlan allows you to find the system with most agent, but does not specify agent type (security, mining, etc).
  • In game Agent Finder allows you to filter by agent level, agent type, system distance, but check dotlan/zkill for local if you’re new to the area since mission hubs usually have gankers.

Caldari State

Dabrid – Caldari Business Tribunal x2

Otitoh – Chief Executive Panel x2

Ohmahailen – Corporate Police Force x2

Waskisen – Corporate Police Force x2

Kamokor – Home Guard x3

Torrinos – Home Guard x2

Isikano – House of Records x2

Wuos – Hyasyoda Corporation x2

Oipo – Ishukone Watch x2


Jakri – Amarr Navy x2

Shuria – Ministry of Internal Order x2

Kudi – Ministry of War x3

Isseras – Nurtura x2

Sasoutikh – Theology Council x2


Stacmon – Federal Administration x2

Jolia – Federation Navy x2

Muer – Federation Navy x3

Amygnon – Garoun Investment Bank x2


Lustrevik – Brutor Tribe x2

Frarn – Brutor Tribe x2

Balginia – Brutor Tribe x2

Ivar – Brutor Tribe x2

Barkrik – Republic Fleet x2

Emolgranlan – Republic Security Services x3


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