Heavy Assault Missile Types

tl;dr – In PvE, shoot rage at battlecruisers and up. Shoot javelins at smaller targets. For PvP, swap the javelins for faction missiles.

With max skills, an empty pod, and sitting in a Tengu, the HAM varieties compare as follows:

  • T2 Rage – High Damage (+55%), Shorter Range (-17%), Worse Application
  • T2 Javelin – Lower Damage (-10%), Long Range (+48%), Base Application
  • Faction – More Damage (+15%), Base Range, Base Application
  • T1 – Base Damage, Base Range, Base Application

For PvE:

  • Rage is best reserved for battlecruisers and up. It is almost always worth the reload time to shoot something else at Cruisers and down.
  • Faction missiles are great, but they also cost an average of 10X what Javelin and T1 missiles cost. In many PvE scenarios the number of volleys it takes is the same for T1 Missiles or Javelins as with faction missiles. If that’s the case for your content, shoot the less expensive missiles. I usually shoot Javelins, because I find that the extra range and faster application (+50% velocity) benefits my clear time more than the 10% more damage I would do with T1 missiles, and the 10’s of ISK price difference is irrelevant.

For PvP:

  • Shoot Rage at battlecruisers and up.
  • It is sometimes worth it to shoot Rage at cruisers, rather than to reload, especially if they are webbed or painted, or sitting still.
  • Shoot faction at everything Cruiser and under.

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