Tip: Best ship, End of Series, Merry Christmas & Happy Yoiul

The most important things I’ve learned, and can offer as a final tip in this series:

If you want to measure short term “success” in EVE, as a game, I’d propose Fun per Hour as the best metric. Don’t turn EVE into a job.

If you want to measure long term “success” in EVE, I’d suggest Friendship units per Day – you’ll have to figure out what that means for you, but the meme is right: The best ship is friendship.

Even “mostly shallow” internet nerd friendships offer ample opportunity for sincere interaction, and a kind word, or a torpedo to the face (or both, if you’re in WiNGSPAN Delivery Services) can brighten someone’s day. Making the delivery or watching stabbed <expletive deleted>s escape, enjoying a gf or grring a gatecamp, rolling in ISK or space-poor, any time I leave EVE having brightened someone’s day or invested in a friendship, is a good day.

Thanks for hanging out for this daily tips series. I may switch gears a bit in the new year. I’ve done zero ISK-generation in the past six months, and whelped enough ships that it is time to replenish my wallet. My mission appears to be figuring out how I do that without tanking my Fun per Hour. Or, I may focus on first whelping everything I own. 😉

Thanks, especially, to all of you who’ve offered ideas, compliments, and suggestions for improvements both publicly and privately. You’ve made my days brighter! I enjoy writing about EVE, and enjoy it even more when someone other than I reads what I write, whether it’s here, or over at EVE Onion.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and Happy Yoiul to all Capsuleers. I’ll be back in the new year!



Play for Free – get 250,000 Skill Points – ping me in game if you subscribe to go Omega, and I’ll send you 80% of my in-game reward.


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