Tip: Don’t try to be smarter than your FC

So… I’m almost always flying solo, and regularly make bad calls on the right “next step” when I’m flying with a fleet.

An agent finds two Ferox Combat Battlecruisers ratting in a C1, and possibly running low on munitions. Charitable types that we are, WiNGSPAN Delivery Services jumps into action. I’m 10 jumps out, but I head towards the High Sec, and get to the staging hole with plenty of time to spare, thanks to Exookiz and TDSIN, who delay the fleet by dropping a dozen ships on the two Delivery Agents who uncloak to gank their hauler. (Really guys… escalate gradually, and it would be more fun, as we’d have committed more to the field, instead of just staying cloaked up. You only engaged with 5 anyway, but seeing the others uncloaked on the hole deferred us from taking the fight.)

Anyway… we finally get everyone in position. FC calls for everyone to splash in, so we do. He doesn’t specify hold cloak, starburst, etc, so I warp off towards a random celestial so I can get an unaligned perch at a midpoint.

It’s only 4 AU away., and I’m 0.25 seconds into about a 1.5 second warp, when FC calls for everyone to warp to X.

I land.

FC calls primary on the first Ferox.

I spam warp to FC.

The first Ferox melts.

I spam warp to FC.

I warp.

The FC calls E-War only on capsule one.

I land.

The second Ferox melts.

FC calls E-War only on capsule two.

I start locking capsules.

FC calls DPS on the capsules before they splash out to LowSec.

Both capsules pop.

Sigh… two hours, and I don’t even get to whore on a kill, all because I thought I’d be smart.

Don’t try to be smarter than your FC.

Oh, and FCs… be sure to tell your fleet what you want them to do after they take a gate or jump through a wormhole – Hold Cloak, Starburst, Align, etc. You’ll help newbros make fewer mistakes.


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