Tip: Don’t use all your points

In our excitement, newbro players like me tend to mash all our buttons, hoping we’ll do the right thing and get lucky. This is a step in the right direction from freezing up and watching yourself blow up. 😉

A next step beyond button-mashing, when flying with a friend or nine, is to think about fleet composition.

Assuming your fleet has multiple ships with Warp Disruptors or Warp Scramblers, and you’re not trying to tackle some terrible WCS-plagued Occator, consider not using all of them. Have a tanky tackle ship point/scram the enemy in order to bait the enemy into directing DPS to that ship. This allows other ships, which may have less tank, to apply DPS longer. As the initial tackle gets weak, swap out tackle duty. Perhaps the initial tackle, if not counter-tackled, even warps off to repair or simply drop down the target priority list. This is especially helpful if you jam your target and they re-target whomever it is that has them pointed.

Do you have more than three pilots with Target Painters? Rotate paint duty – more than three are not doing anything but suck capacitor.

Is the target neuted out? No need to continue wasting your everyone’s capacitor.

Do you have a few ships with small weapons (e.g. Rapid Light Missile Launchers) in a cruiser fleet against battleships? Perhaps it would contribute more to blap drones than to shoot the primary target, especially if you’re flying without logi support.

This doesn’t apply to all situations, but I’ve found it helpful to start to think about not only my own ship’s capabilities, but my fleet composition, and consider what might be redundant, or best held in reserve.


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