Tip: Should I fit a Damage Control?

Since native hull resistances were buffed, and the Damage Control’s contributions to hull resistances were nerfed in March, 2016, it’s good to give some thought to whether to fit a Damage Control module, or skip it.

Prior to that update, a Damage Control was virtually mandatory on every fit. After this update, every ship has 33% base resistances on their hull.

tl;dr – use a fitting simulator, don’t assume.

Fleet has Doctrine: Fit doctrine, don’t try to be smarter than your FC/fitting guru.

Logi-supported: Almost never fit the DC2 – improve Logi effectiveness, not other buffers.

Speed/Sig/Range Tank: Don’t double tank – buff damage/application/mobility.

Hull: Fit the DC2.

Shield Buffer: Sometimes fit the DC2. Usually, buff damage.

Active Shield: Occasionally, fit the DC2 if you need the utility mids. Usually, buff damage.

Active Armor: Only as a third EANM

Armor Buffer: Caprisunkraftfoods has a great summary

For armor it depends on the number of slots you dedicate to resist mods. With T1 resist profile it’ll be like this:

  • 1 slot: Damage Control
  • 2 slots: Damage Control + EANM
  • 3 slots: Damage Control + 2x EANM
  • 4 slots: Damage Control + Exp/Kin/Therm hardeners + EM Rig
  • 5 slots: Damage Control + Exp/Kin/Therm hardeners + EM Rig + EANM
  • 6 slots: Damage Control + Exp/Kin/Therm/EM hardeners + EANM
  • 7 slots: Damage Control + Exp/Kin/Therm/EM hardeners + 2x EANM
  • 8 slots: Damage Control + Exp/Kin/Therm/EM hardeners + 2x EANM + Armor Layering Membrane or RAH

Obviously only caps and supers will ever use those 7/8 slot loadouts because even on an 8 low slot subcap (i.e. Napoc/Navy Geddon/Navy Mega), 2 Plates will make much more of a difference than 2 extra resist mods. Slave sets can sometimes make a blingy EANM better than a DC too.

Reasons to fit a Damage Control

  • You’re hull tanked, and want to maximize the value of that buffer.
  • You’re armor buffer fit, and already fit two EANM, so the DC2 gives approximately the same resistance bonuses after the EANM stacking penalty, plus the DC2 bonuses your shield and hull resists.
  • You’re flying a buffer fit ship that has a large amount of HP in multiple armor types, so you want to maximize the benefit of that buffer without sacrificing your primary buffer tank type. A naked Bhaalgorn, for example, has 11625 Shield, 13563 Armor, and 11625 hull.
  • You’re flying a speed/sig tanked ship, and the DC gives enough buffer to make you feel confident you won’t be alpha’d off the field before you establish position. A scram kite kestrel, for example, might be better flown with 123DPS and 3270 EHP with a DC2, than with 144DPS and 2500 EHP with a second Ballistic Control System II. That’s trading 17% DPS for 31% EHP.
  • You’re shield tanked, can’t plug a resist hole with rigs or midslots, and can spare a low slot.
  • You have an active armor tank, and expect to take a huge burst of damage before dropping to sustainable levels (e.g. Sleeper Cache, or you are initial tackle.)
  • It fits, and a better module won’t.

Reasons not to fit a Damage Control

  • You’re active tanked.
    • Most of the time, if you’re getting your primary tank alpha’d to zero, you’d be better off increasing the resists on your primary tank, or adding some buffer of that type, than to buff the resists on your secondary and tertiary buffers.
  • You are active armor tanked, and can fit and run a Reactive Armor Hardener.
    • Armor buffer on subcaps without logi support probably won’t last long enough for the RAH to be worth it.
  • You’re shield tanked, and want damage bonuses in your lows.

As always, I’m no guru here, just summarizing what I’m learning from others. Am I wrong? Let’s talk about it so some poor newbro doesn’t follow this tip and ragequit!


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