Tip: When NOT to Cloak/MWD

New explorers, and even experienced explorers looking for a challenge or to reduce the ISK exposed to loss in hostile space often venture out in T1 Exploration frigates. Fitted with an Improved Cloaking Device II, an MWD, and minimal or no tank, we’re very squishy, and a tasty treat for gate camps and B274 campers.

We encounter four types of gate camps

  1. Instalocking camps, typically in Low Security space, and Wormholes.
  2. Bubble camps, typically in Null Security space, and Wormholes. These fall into two camps: anchored bubbles, and interdiction probe camps.
  3. Casual campers, who use anchored bubbles and have not-quite-instalocking ships.
  4. Smart bombs gate camps

EVE University has a good write-up, as do any number of other sites dating back years. I’m not going to discuss how to do it, but I do want to suggest when to use, and when NOT to use the Cloak-MWD ‘trick’, and that there are times where it is actually harmful.

tl;dr: Cloak-MWD is great, and there’s no reason not to use it all the time, in every kind of space, as long as

  • your align time is equal to or greater than 2.0 second
  • you are not running a covert ops cloak

The Cloak-MWD ‘trick’ is wonderful when:

  • The gate camp is suboptimal
    • Casual campers with a slightly-less-than-instant lock
      • Or who don’t live near London
    • Campers are flying something other than a Nidhoggur, Svipul, Cynabal, Tornado, Thrasher, Rupture, Hurricane, Loki, or Proteus. (not so sure about the last two. TC3 nerfs may have broken the Loki and Proteus instalock fits).
  • You jump into a bubble, and need to cloak/MWD, then angle off in a new direction so that you can coast out of the bubble before you align and jump out.
  • The camp has an instalocker with good ping, and your align time is 2.0 seconds or more.
    • You’re probably going to die…They’ll get you when you decloak to jump, and they know to look for you in exactly 10 seconds.
    • If you’re out of point range from the camper, just flip the coin and make the jump.
    • If you’re in point range, go ahead and attempt to Cloak-MWD. Perhaps the coin is slightly weighted in your favor.

BUT, Cloak-MWD is of almost no value when

  • You have a covert ops cloak, and aren’t in a bubble.
    • All you’ve done is increase your warp-out time to 10s!
    • It’s amazing how many people do this… they never reconsider their habits after upgrading to the covert ops cloak, or swapping from a regular hauler to a Blockade Runner.
  • You are in a ship with sub-2.0 second align time, and not in a bubble.
    • All you’ve done is increase your warp-out time to 10s, given the campers time to try to decloak you or drop an interdiction probe, and told the campers to look for you 10s from now.
    • It is already “impossible” for you to be caught, unless Bob hates you.
  • The gate campers are pro. My own first significant loss as an explorer trying to get loot out of Null Sec through k-space was to an amazingly proficient bubble camp in M-OEE8. They didn’t even need the interdiction probes – the anchored bubbles were insane, and they had drones and cans scattered everywhere to decloak me.
  • You’re in k-space, and local is empty, and your normal align time is less than the 10s MWD activation cycle.
    • All you’ve done is increase your warp-out time to 10s.
    • Although perhaps it keeps you in the habit, and isn’t all bad.
  • You’re up against a smartbombing camp.
    • You need some tank, and hope Bob drops you out of range.






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