How not to gank an Astero

Erutor overheats the fail as he attempts to gank a fellow explorer.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Be careful where you warp – objects in space are larger than they appear, and will decloak you.
  2. If you’re warping to a safe between hack, cloak up, and don’t always warp to 0. If I’d made fewer mistakes, this could have been Puiu’s doom.
  3. If your target cloaks, you don’t continue in a line, you just sit there like a dummy. Re-set your speed or double click in space.
  4. Use the right drones.
  5. Don’t forget to tackle back if you’re beating your ganker – he almost certainly could have killed me if he had.

Special thanks to Puiu Spartan for the content, and to a few of my space friends who offered the kind words that inspired me to get back to work on my backlog of footage to share what I’ve learned!

  • Hetu Hegirin – Otherwhere Circle
  • ChingShi Bonney – Heritage Protection Initiative
  • Dorian Reu – Signal Cartel


Want to fail like this too? Sign up, play for free, and look up Erutor in gamel!

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