EVE is Dying! Ain’t it great?

EVE is Dying.

Prior to the swell of alpaca clones, we heard this frequently, and I’m sure that when the surge passes, and player count drops a bit (and it will), the bittervets will once again pick up the mantra.

I consider myself a bit of an EVE toddler now. Not that I know much, I’m just not cute any more, and can’t claim to be a “cute little newbro.”

Sorta like this guy…

The Minmatar Toddler of Notre Dame

I’m also no vet, and can’t claim any special knowledge or perspective, but I am here to join the bittervets in proclaiming that Eve is Dying, and also to say we need to celebrate this more.

I’m not talking about player counts or new subscriber retention, or Alpha to Omega clone conversion rates. Other, ragingly toxic in some cases, more experienced, and more bitter(?) voices will investigate this question more than adequately.

I’m talking about the game itself.

CCP has openly discussed that it is not isolating players from the sandbox that gets them to stay, but their engaging with it. (CCP Rise and Fanfest 2015) Losing a ship, even to griefing, is the single best indicator that a new player will choose to stick with the game.

When I first began to explore New Eden, I thought it was about earning ISK and flying a bigger ship so that I could make more ISK and… you know… the hamster wheel. It wasn’t until I redefined success as “did I have fun” and “did I have an interesting social interaction” that I started to really enjoy the game. (See Why I Don’t Play EVE) A big part of that process was getting myself blown up, learning to avoid getting blown up, and then learning to look forward to getting blown up, and having a chat with the victim or victor.

We know that the best ship in EVE Online is friendship, and there’s no better way to make a new friend in New Eden than to engage in some friendly internet spaceship destruction and discussion. The best thing we can do for our newbrx, Alphaca and Omega, is get them blown up, encourage them to blow someone up, and cheer them on when they refuse to limit their New Eden experience to shooting rocks and red polygons, or playing with spreadsheets. Those are all worthy endeavors, but EVE is other people (sorry Sartre).

EVE is Dying – we need to join in the mantra, and redefine this phrase to encourage our newbrx space-friends to undock and die fearlessly! Let’s gut it of its toxicity, and celebrate that #eveISdying!


A practical side note:

I’ve made it a mission to look for new players, blow them up (with my own Alpaca alt), then gift them enough ISK to replace their ship several times over. Additionally, in honor of the SRP certificate I received from Mangala Solaris during last year’s secret Santa, I’m offering SRP to someone my victim new friend blows up if they’ll EVEmail me a link to the killmail. I call it #pewitforward, and invite you to join me.


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