A tip for the EVE Online new New Player Experience

At one point near the conclusion of the new EVE Online New Player Experience, you will find your ship destroyed by a large explosion. They’ll warn you that this is about to happen…

Tip #0

Don’t over-fit your ships (like I did) – fit what they suggest: no more, and no less.

Tip #1

When they warn you of the impending explosion, save your position in space by creating a bookmark (Ctrl-B). Or, right click on your ship’s wreck and save it’s position before you’re podded.

After you are back in operation, return to the bookmark you saved, and take a minute to collect loot (meh – mostly metal scraps) and salvage the ships (yours, and the NPC wrecks) in the area with the salvager module you’ll receive.

You’ll make 375,000 ISK or more, which is nice seed money to help you get on the road again after your loss.


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