EVE is unironically Literally Unplayable

I’m struggling with lag/disconnect/d-sync issues in which my client appears to lose its connection to the server entirely. The client remains responsive, and FPS stay steady, but it is as if my actions never reach the server, or the responses from the server never reach my client. Sometimes I’ll reconnect, but the client and server are always out of sync until I dock or jump, and usually until I restart the client and launcher entirely. There’s no consistent user action that precedes a loss of connectivity.

I’ve worked with GM Mechanic (very responsive and helpful!) to sort through “every” possible client-side setting and issue without finding anything offering significant improvement.

  • cleared system/character caches
  • adjusted graphics settings
  • enabled/disabled download everything
  • switched from ISP DNS to OpenDNS
  • verified there are no GPU/CPU/RAM/Handle/Disk/Network bottlenecks on my local machine
  • removed my antivirus (and put it back on, duh)
  • installed on another computer
  • replaced my router

CCP support indicates network diag doesn’t show obvious indication the problem is there, and there’s nothing on the server side to explain an issue. He suggested there may be something between my location and theirs that is causing the issue. There’s some small evidence that the problem may be character-specific, but I only have one character I play on a regular basis, so I can’t rule that in or out yet.

I’ve heard from several individuals that they are having similar issues, and significantly worse the past 4-6 weeks than ever before.

So, my question for you is – if you are having similar difficulties, are you willing to share the traceroute information from the launcher’s network diagnostics? (E menu next to the – X in the upper right hand corner of the browser), with your first few (local network and first ISP hop) routes removed to protect your privacy? I’m trying to see if perhaps there’s a problem at a regional router in common to several of us seeing the same issues.

If I can find a common thread, then I’ll work with individuals who are not having issues to isolate any key differences in the route, so I can work via ISPs and/or CCP to see about chasing down a solution.

If you are willing to help, let’s open a conversation. You can reach me at ErutorOfEve via google’s mail service, on reddit /u/erutor, or leave a comment on this post or a private message via the contact page.

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One thought on “EVE is unironically Literally Unplayable

  1. So, I’ve done some experimenting, and do have a few useful bits to offer.

    Tl;dr – Thanks to my travels, access to multiple hotspots, and data from Kamirel and (anonymous), I was able to compare working and broken EVE launcher diagnostics, and determine this is an ISP issue. Switching to OpenDNS helps but, using Avira Phantom VPN seems to solve it entirely.

    My experience was significantly better when I set up my router to use https://www.opendns.com/ instead of my ISP’s DNS. Not awesome, but not terrible. We moved (same town/ISP), so fiber optic at home was down for a couple of weeks. While it was down, I tried from my laptop using two different mobile Hotspots and from work in two states, all without any problems.

    I compared working and broken network diagnostic information, and was not able to identify anything consistent between the broken routes, etc. With all the different connections and diags, I am pretty sure the problem is not with CCP, my computer, or my character, but something with my ISP. With others having very similar symptoms, it must be a common configuration error on the ISP side, or some common garbage hardware those guys use so they can pad their profit margins.

    I finally got my fiber-optic reconnected, and immediately started having issues again, even with OpenDNS configured. I had to switch Antivirus anyway, and happened to choose Avira. It includes a free (up to a data cap) Avira Phantom VPN software. I started using that, and have put in about 12 hours of EVE time without a single problem. I think I can tell when my normal connection would fail – there is occasionally a very brief lag/stutter, but it doesn’t de-synchronize me from the server or last very long.

    The free version of Avira Phantom VPN is limited to 500mb unless you create an account (which I did), then it goes to 1GB. Judging by the usage it shows, 1GB should be plenty for me to play EVE regularly, as long as I don’t try to do anything else significant on the connection while I do it, and do software updates with the VPN disconnected.

    So, what I’ve done this week is
    * Open the launcher normally
    * Wait for any updates to complete
    * Close the launcher
    * Connect the Avira VPN
    * Open the launcher, then EVE, and play

    It does mean that I can’t watch videos on this computer while I play, but I typically play on a laptop in the living room while I watch NetFlix with my wife, so that’s not a big obstacle for my circumstances.


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