Do you gno how sis will end?

In this episode, Erutor finds something unexpected in a wormhole.


So… do you know how this will end…

or for the Matari speakers in our midst:

(bad fake accent)

Do you gno how sis will end?

Do you gno zees will end how?


My chain ended in a C3 with a HS static, a wandering HS, and my entry point, so I’m zipping around marking safe spots before I head back up-chain when I see the Gnosis on D-Scan.

I don’t give it much thought at first, because I figure he’ll cloak up or bounce between safes.

He doesn’t…the dude is clearly lost – Gnosis in a wormhole with highsec exits, no cloak, combat probes out, and it looks like he’s probably warped to 100 at a celestial.

It doesn’t take long to figure out where he is so I can drop by to check him out.

I’ve never actually seen a Gnosis, so I slowboat in to get a good close look.

Pretty cool looking ship. A bit like a nerf crossbow meets some fantasy warrior helmet. Looks like he’s loaded up with Heavy Assault Missiles.

Hrm.. Gnosis has a solid bonus to drones, so even with limited bandwidth he should be able to eat me up, but if he’s not on top of things, maybe this will work out.

I decloak, lock him up, and start to work on his shields with torpedos.

At first, I think he forgot he even had drones. My sig and speed are plenty to keep from taking any significant damage from his HAMs. It’s cool to see them blowing up behind me and doing minimal damage.

Oh.. Vespas… that could be.. yes, it is a problem.

Half structure, and I warp out – I don’t think this one’s going to go my way.

Bazzex and I have a nice chat. Turns out this is his first time in a wormhole, and he is indeed lost, and having a hard time scanning down the exit hole with those combat probes.

I offer to help, but he, wisely, declines my offer, assuming its a trap. It wasn’t, and I would have helped him find his way out unmolested, but he made the correct call, as would be expected of an experienced player.

So, there’s my first encounter with a Gnosis. In looking over the video, I think I could have won this one if I’d overheated my launcher. I got off 10 salvos before having to warp out. One more in that time would have put him well into structure. It looks like he was double-tanked, possibly with a hull-appropriate shield booster and an ancillary armor repairer, so I’m not sure I could have broken his tank before his Vespas ate me, but it would have been very very close. If I’d also overheated my afterburner, I might have reduced the incoming damage enough to have added a Gnosis kill to my (very short) killboard.

Again, I didn’t apply the ABC of PvP – Always be caliente – there’s almost never an occasion that overheating isn’t a good idea. I’d do a lot better in PvP if I’d apply that lesson.

Alls well as ends well. I’m sure I’ll see a lot more Gnosis in space when the Alpha clones arrive.

Hats off to Bazzex for recovering from a bit of a surprise. Welcome to wormhole space!


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