Lesson Learned: Don’t trust Eve’s in-game appraisal, and Sleepers eat drones

I’m interested in pursuing the next step of exploration (sites with sleepers), and looking for an excuse to use my Stratios now that I’ve had a chance to learn how to use drones in some <blush>HS</blush> and LS anomalies, so I decided to head out to my friendly neighborhood C5 to try some Server Bank and Data Field ninja hacking.


I first heard about the possibility of making dank ISK in Scoots F [LZHX]’s video, and have been eager to try it out ever since. There are a few more recent videos, so I felt confident this was not only possible, but profitable.

I fit for max regenerative shield tank, plugged the EM hole, and equipped an Autocannon, Small Armor Repairer, and Small Nosferatu to help keep aggro. Math says this should be more tank than I need, but… better safe than sorry.




EFT: Stratios, C5 Server Bank/Data Field Ninja

[Stratios, C5 Server Bank/Data Field Ninja]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Pithum B-Type EM Ward Amplifier

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher, Core Scanner Probe I
Small Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu
Small I-ax Enduring Remote Armor Repairer
Dual 180mm ‘Scout’ Autocannon I, EMP M

Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II

Warrior II x10
Vespa EC-600 x5
Garde II x4
Curator II x4
Gecko x2



(Note – No Geckos at the time – loaded up on Hobgoblin II instead)

It didn’t take long to find a system with a plethora of  Data Fields, but I was disappointed to find no Abandoned Talocan Battleship in any of the four sites in system, so I pressed forward through the chain. Six or seven deep, I found a single Data Field, but again, no luck.


I warped in cloaked, as before, but bookmarked around 2500Km, then warped back to that distant on-grid perch, aligned to a safe, and decloaked. Nothing. I warped off, and returned, and there it was… my sugar daddy. I bookmarked a nearby chunk of debris, and warped off again to begin the site.


I don’t have Geckos, but I figured (that’s Texan for assumed… Ass You Me…) I could apply the same tactics to WH Sleepers as to K-Space rats – Use sentries to blat most of the initial frigates at range, then switch to the cruisers (leaving the last one in this case, to avoid triggering the first wave), then use light drones to finish off the remaining frigates so I could fit a WCS and warp out and back in to hack the can and make off with dank ISK.

I warped in and dropped my MTU, Mobile Depot, and Curator IIs. Alpha damage dropped my shields to 2/3 as I locked up the frigates and initial cruiser, but shield regen quickly compensated, and I found myself regaining shields, and could drop in another DDA to bump up my damage while keeping my tank stable.


But… dang those frigates are fast. From 50k to 5 in no time at all, and neither Garde II nor Curator II were able to do a thing about them. No problem, I’ll just eat them with lights when I’m ready to clean up and hack.

The cruisers went down with no difficulty, and I swapped my two flights of sentries out as they got occasional aggro. So far so good.

Down to just one cruiser – time to clean up.

Well.. bleh.. they just ate that flight of Hobgoblin IIs…

And my Hammerhead IIs…

And my second set of Hobgoblin IIs is down to structure… scoop!

And my backups… Nothing left but ECM, sentries, and salvage drones. Can’t warp out  with 4 points on me… can’t drive away webbed… Please someone, come gank me…

Garde’s seem to hit a bit better than Curators – makes sense… drop Gardes, and slowboat away. Argh… they’re taking damage. Crawl back and scoop them. Fit a WCS. Scoop depot and MTU. Not too shabby on the blue loot.

Let’s try this again. Ok… that’s better… Maybe when I get far enough out, transversal will drop enough that the sentries can hit them

Creep away… 23m/s…

Creep away…

Creep away…

Warp Disruption dropped? YES! Warp… oh.. crap… they reapplied… Watch the point count…oh…. Crawl back. Scoop Sentries. Deploy ECM drones. Ha! I’ll show ya.

Warp Disruption broken! Recall! War… nope.

Well… crap.

Drop sentries. Save location.

Disable nos and autocannon.

Creep away… 40m/s

Creep away.

Creep away.

Aggro on drones… One goes down… Warp Disruption drops, just one point! Warp! YES!

Ok.. so… now I’m sitting at 2500Km, with four sentries in my bay, and 3 disconnected, but on grid – odd… they decided not to kill them? Repair my last three Hobgoblin IIs, let’s give this another shot.

Warp to sentries at 50! Drop Garde II. Reconnect to Curator IIs.

HAH! A Sentinel goes down. Good job little Garde! Down to 3

And the Garde takes aggro! Curators blat a sentry as the remaining two turn towards the Garde. Recall Garde, warp off, repeat.

Down to one cruiser and one frigate. Recharge capacitor. Warp to can, reconnect to drones, and start hacking before I’m capped out.

Still no idea how I’m going to get out of here, but let’s get the can open.

Hrm… That was a bit tough, but 90M in loot. Not great, but it’s only my first one. Holy smoke! That stuff’s huge…


No, I can’t leave it, there’s 60M in just the Wrecked Hull Sections.

Fit Expanded Cargohold II – ok… loot secured.

Hack a few cans… ugh… yeah, typical data site value. Not worth the time.

Now… how do I get out of here?

Answer? Tank the site until it despawns. Well… better than tanking it until ganked, which was just as likely.

Headed home! That was painful, but 50M in blue loot, plus another 90M in Hull Sections – about as good as a decent NS class relic site, and only took ten times as long. This could be fun if I can figure out a solution for the frigates.

Sell the blue! No problem, easy ISK.

Now for the expensive, but bulky stuff… wha… hrm… 40K buy orders? And EVE-Central confirms. And EVEPraisal.

Surely someone’s playing with the market?





  1. Don’t trust the in-game Estimated price.
  2. Ancient Relics are apparently worthless now. Just get the blue loot, or don’t bother trying to ninja C5 exploration sites.
  3. Figure out how to kill sleeper frigates before I try this again, or bring a full load of WCS and just ignore most of them. Maybe try burst jam to capture aggro so lights can eat away frigates, or break point so I can moonwalk out?

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