A newbro’s first days YC117.07.14


Asked my buddy for a referral, I think I’ll finally check out EVE Online, and he’s the one who pushed me off the cliff. I downloaded the client, and by the time it was ready, I had my link and got an account set up. Some dork stole my account name. I don’t think I ever made an account before, and the character name I use is pretty unique, so I’m guessing someone lifted the name from another MMO.

Family decided to start watching Lost from the beginning, so EVE went off to ignore land for the evening. Still 14 days left, no biggie.


Teammate at work mentioned the “This is EVE” – Uncensored (2014) video. Watched it at lunch time. Whoa.. yes, epic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdfFnTt2UT0

I think I’ll try to make a character at lunch and start tutorials.

Or not… Tranquility has been down for three hours, and four hours later it is still down.

Not an auspicious start, but that video was epic. Still 13 days left, so not the end of the world, I suppose.

While it is down, I do some reading at the EVE University (http://wiki.eveuniversity.org). Something about being a Salvager/Explorer caught my attention. Not sure what it is, but it sounds fun.

Found a suggested skill build for a salvaging alt, I think I’ll try to follow that plan for this first character, weaving in what look like essentials: Navigation, Engineering, Shields, Armor, Rigging, and the learning skills.

First goal will be enough combat skills to survive the tutorials and early missions, and Electronics I, Survey III, Mechanic III, Salvaging I so I can use a Salvager I. Planning to do all the career agents for my faction, then the Sisters of Eve Arc in Amon, whatever that is.

Maybe something like
Train to 3: Instant Recall, Analytical Mind, Learning, Spatial Awareness, Iron Will
Train to 2: Engineering, Electronics, Weapon Upgrades, Navigation, Shields, Armor, Rigging
Train to 3: Survey, Mechanic
Train to 1: Salvaging

Now I need a good name. Off to the internets to come up with 4-5 good ones since I’ll guess that many will be taken.

Got a name and got started. Erutor is latin for rescuer, so if I go explorer I’m “rescuing” relics, and if I go salvager, I’m “rescuing” perfectly good equipment from rotting in space. I have a few backups, just in case.


Finally got logged in. Character creation makes pretty good sense. The only thing slightly confusing was the portrait (I thought I was creating options for later, not options to pick just one now) and the school (guess it is just flavor now?). Pretty good options, although I’ve got to wonder what crack fiend was working on hair and facial hair styles.

Looks like Erutor is open, and no family name was forced. Hopefully I won’t regret lack of family name later.

Nice. Dropped into space with no idea what to do. Hrm. “Opportunities” looks ok. Not really a tutorial, as it assumes you already know the controls and what they mean by various EVE-specific terminology. I wonder where I get to the tutorials? For now, I’ll follow the opportunities and see where they go.

Ok, so opportunities are still irritating after a couple of hours. How am I supposed to find a station, anyway? Where are the freaking tutorials? Better check the internets. I can’t see being the n00b asking how to find the tutorials in chat, that would leave me pretty open to some heavy griefing.

Ohh… Aura tutorials are gone. Seriously? Opportunities are NOT tutorials. They’d be a nice follow-up to some basic “how to control the game” introductions. I’m thinking something like the Halo intro? Back to the game; what about the career agents, then? Ah, they’re back at the nearby station. I think I may have started here, but didn’t realize it before I went galavanting about. Sure would be nice if they’d automatically add a saved place for “Home Station” or similar.

Ok, time to learn some skills. Odd, none of the “critical” learning skills the guides suggest are here. And I don’t see them in the market. Back to the interwebs… Turns out they were removed, and base stats were bumped. This is a problem with older games; too many out of date guides. I suppose that if the EVE team provided this content then it might stay current. but all the community-generated stuff comes with a price. Looks like salvaging is pretty nerfed now, but Explorer still sounds fun; good thing I didn’t go with Messor (reaper or harvester), or I’d have to start over.

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