HS Systems with Multiple L4 security agents in the same corp

TLDR: This list of High Security systems with multiple L4 Security agents in the same corp is useful when you’re no longer grinding faction standing, and are trying maximizing your ISK/hour by accumulating LP with only one corp. It also may help avoid gankers if you can avoid major mission hub, or provide gankers with a list of systems to watch for L4 grinders.

Archived from https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/owfkml/list_of_hs_with_l4_security_in_the_same_corp/ for convenience. Full credit to https://www.reddit.com/user/Sekotan/

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Getting Started

If you didn’t start with the 1,000,000 SP from a referral link, and have less than 700,000 SP, park your character, forget about it (or biomass to re-use the name), and make a new character and account with a referral link. Use mine, if you like, but if a friend suggested EVE to you, use theirs!

Do career agents. They stink, but it is a start.

Everyone is running a scam. Be wary. If Mike Azariah or a Game Master messages you, it isn’t a scam. Accept their free stuff.

Do Sisters of EVE epic arc – decent rewards, and gets you around space.

Mine the ore and reprocess modules to build a ship you want to fly. Build the ship. Figure out what rats in what region have the module types you want (e.g. Guristas drop shield, drone, and missile modules; Serpentis drop armor modules, etc.).

Try out High-Sec anomalies and scannable sites while you farm up the sites for those meta modules.

Try out Null-Sec Data/Relic exploration by using a filter to get there, then find a wormhole route home.

Try out Wormhole (pirate sites, same as Null-Sec) Data/Relic exploration.

Fit the ship you built with the modules you looted. Build rigs with the salvage you got from exploration.

Pick a pirate faction and do an epic arc to get exposure to NPC Null Sec and mechanics. Expect to lose the ship you built, and possibly not to complete the arc. Learn to use D-Scan and not to warp gate-to-gate. (A Tristan can do everything in the Guristas Epic Arc.)

Join an NPSI (Not Purple (my fleet member default color) Shoot It) fleet or two. e.g. Bombers Bar Spectre Fleet

Decide what you enjoy, and set some goals for yourself. Check out /r/evejobs. Get on public chat with a few groups and see who fits. Don’t pay anyone anything to join their Corp. Read up on various newbro topicsFits & Strategies, etc. while you train up the Magic 14.

Tip: Finding an NPC Corp’s Station

Wanting to convert Loyalty Points to ISK-equivalents? No problem, this is a quick three step process:

  1. First, make sure the items you’re purchasing with Loyalty Points is a good investment. Use the Fuzzwork LP store search page (https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/lpstore/).
  2. Second, purchase any necessary items at a major trade hub (because the prices at the LP station will be stupid).
  3. Then, go to the station and purchase the item.

Unfortunately, the in-game interface for finding a station belonging to a particular NPC Corporation is a bit clunky. Here are two out-of-game tools to help.

Itemdrop.net’s Station Search (higher complexity)

http://nearest.ouroborus.org/ (simple, but 2018 data, which means it is >90% correct)