Happy 3rd Birthday to L2E

Learning to EVE turned three today. It’s been sadly neglected this last year, but I was surprised to see a pretty consistent stream of traffic despite the low level of recent activity. I’m super happy that people still find some of what I’ve learned helpful!

I’ve been really busy with RL, after a sudden and unexpected change in my employment situation, which upset the apple cart a bit. Blogging took more time and energy than I could muster between trying to pick up a few bucks here and there, getting acclimated to a new job, etc. I still enjoy writing for EVE Onion News, and even log in occasionally to blow something up (thank you Blackout!) or to get blown up (argh.. seriously… I turned off my torpedo launchers when I tried to overheat).

Things are settling down to a new normal, so I think now’s the time to get back at it. I have some videos ready for edits, and a few articles wanting to be written that are insufficiently snarky for EVE Onion. 😉

See you soon!


Tip: A dictor isn’t tackle… or is it

An experienced FC suggests that an interdictor isn’t tackle.

A Sabre is not tackle; it facilitates tackle, but it isn’t tackle.

EVE University disagrees, asserting

Warp Disruption Fields are the most practical way to tackle a bulk of ships without resorting to having to bring many ships fitted with tackling modules (warp disruptors or warp scramblers).

What do you think? Is an interdictor tackle?

Or, perhaps more meaningfully: When is an interdictor tackle, and when is it not adequate tackle?