Tip: Best ship, End of Series, Merry Christmas & Happy Yoiul

The most important things I’ve learned, and can offer as a final tip in this series:

If you want to measure short term “success” in EVE, as a game, I’d propose Fun per Hour as the best metric. Don’t turn EVE into a job.

If you want to measure long term “success” in EVE, I’d suggest Friendship units per Day – you’ll have to figure out what that means for you, but the meme is right: The best ship is friendship.

Even “mostly shallow” internet nerd friendships offer ample opportunity for sincere interaction, and a kind word, or a torpedo to the face (or both, if you’re in WiNGSPAN Delivery Services) can brighten someone’s day. Making the delivery or watching stabbed <expletive deleted>s escape, enjoying a gf or grring a gatecamp, rolling in ISK or space-poor, any time I leave EVE having brightened someone’s day or invested in a friendship, is a good day.

Thanks for hanging out for this daily tips series. I may switch gears a bit in the new year. I’ve done zero ISK-generation in the past six months, and whelped enough ships that it is time to replenish my wallet. My mission appears to be figuring out how I do that without tanking my Fun per Hour. Or, I may focus on first whelping everything I own. 😉

Thanks, especially, to all of you who’ve offered ideas, compliments, and suggestions for improvements both publicly and privately. You’ve made my days brighter! I enjoy writing about EVE, and enjoy it even more when someone other than I reads what I write, whether it’s here, or over at EVE Onion.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and Happy Yoiul to all Capsuleers. I’ll be back in the new year!



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Tip: Don’t try to be smarter than your FC

So… I’m almost always flying solo, and regularly make bad calls on the right “next step” when I’m flying with a fleet.

An agent finds two Ferox Combat Battlecruisers ratting in a C1, and possibly running low on munitions. Charitable types that we are, WiNGSPAN Delivery Services jumps into action. I’m 10 jumps out, but I head towards the High Sec, and get to the staging hole with plenty of time to spare, thanks to Exookiz and TDSIN, who delay the fleet by dropping a dozen ships on the two Delivery Agents who uncloak to gank their hauler. (Really guys… escalate gradually, and it would be more fun, as we’d have committed more to the field, instead of just staying cloaked up. You only engaged with 5 anyway, but seeing the others uncloaked on the hole deferred us from taking the fight.)

Anyway… we finally get everyone in position. FC calls for everyone to splash in, so we do. He doesn’t specify hold cloak, starburst, etc, so I warp off towards a random celestial so I can get an unaligned perch at a midpoint.

It’s only 4 AU away., and I’m 0.25 seconds into about a 1.5 second warp, when FC calls for everyone to warp to X.

I land.

FC calls primary on the first Ferox.

I spam warp to FC.

The first Ferox melts.

I spam warp to FC.

I warp.

The FC calls E-War only on capsule one.

I land.

The second Ferox melts.

FC calls E-War only on capsule two.

I start locking capsules.

FC calls DPS on the capsules before they splash out to LowSec.

Both capsules pop.

Sigh… two hours, and I don’t even get to whore on a kill, all because I thought I’d be smart.

Don’t try to be smarter than your FC.

Oh, and FCs… be sure to tell your fleet what you want them to do after they take a gate or jump through a wormhole – Hold Cloak, Starburst, Align, etc. You’ll help newbros make fewer mistakes.

Tip: Don’t use all your points

In our excitement, newbro players like me tend to mash all our buttons, hoping we’ll do the right thing and get lucky. This is a step in the right direction from freezing up and watching yourself blow up. 😉

A next step beyond button-mashing, when flying with a friend or nine, is to think about fleet composition.

Assuming your fleet has multiple ships with Warp Disruptors or Warp Scramblers, and you’re not trying to tackle some terrible WCS-plagued Occator, consider not using all of them. Have a tanky tackle ship point/scram the enemy in order to bait the enemy into directing DPS to that ship. This allows other ships, which may have less tank, to apply DPS longer. As the initial tackle gets weak, swap out tackle duty. Perhaps the initial tackle, if not counter-tackled, even warps off to repair or simply drop down the target priority list. This is especially helpful if you jam your target and they re-target whomever it is that has them pointed.

Do you have more than three pilots with Target Painters? Rotate paint duty – more than three are not doing anything but suck capacitor.

Is the target neuted out? No need to continue wasting your everyone’s capacitor.

Do you have a few ships with small weapons (e.g. Rapid Light Missile Launchers) in a cruiser fleet against battleships? Perhaps it would contribute more to blap drones than to shoot the primary target, especially if you’re flying without logi support.

This doesn’t apply to all situations, but I’ve found it helpful to start to think about not only my own ship’s capabilities, but my fleet composition, and consider what might be redundant, or best held in reserve.

Tip: Watch your intel channel(s)

No matter where you live, be sure to ask for access to intel channels, then learn how to use them.

Your corp or alliance certainly has at least one, and you want to know what threats are nearby, and whether wardeccers are camping the Jita undock or Niarja gate at the moment.

As a good corp-mate, you want to share what you know too (but not spam).

Find them, learn how to use them, then use them!

Tip: Never Right Click to Show Info

sirdouchewaffle posted this tip five years ago… I just learned it the other day.

There is a Show Info shortcut (configured as Show Pilot Info in the key bindings). To use it, click anything in your overview, then press ‘t’.

The pilot/wormhole/station/etc information window will pop up. No more trying to right click before someone cloaks while your hands are shaking during PvP, which is very handy for wormhole dwellers and divers.