Tip: Reduce the value of your lossmail

Munition delivery, sadly, is ISK-neutral at best, and I’m not best, so… I have to find ways to earn some ISK. Usually, I choose exploration, because it doubles as scouting for potential delivery targets, or combat exploration in a PvP ship, because it doubles as bait for pirates.

I make it a habit to stash my loot frequently, so that I can (hopefully) sneak back in and pick it up if I’m blown up

There are a couple of options for stashing loot in space, each with their own pros and cons.

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Tip: Should I fit a Damage Control?

Since native hull resistances were buffed, and the Damage Control’s contributions to hull resistances were nerfed in March, 2016, it’s good to give some thought to whether to fit a Damage Control module, or skip it.

Prior to that update, a Damage Control was virtually mandatory on every fit. After this update, every ship has 33% base resistances on their hull.

tl;dr – use a fitting simulator, don’t assume.

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Tip: Turn off Auto-Repeat for Analyzers

Data and Relic analyzers have auto-repeat enabled by default, but there’s no need for auto-repeat. It just burns your capacitor, and increases the time it takes to retry the hack, if you fail the first. You only need to cycle the analyzer once to access the can, then it can stop running.


Right click on those analyzer modules, and set Auto-Repeat: Off!

Tip: Lock and Unlock targets faster

Ctrl + Left Click in space or in the overview will lock a target.

Ctrl + Left Click and drag in space will lock all the targets in the box you draw.

Ctrl + Shift + Left Click on a locked target or in the overview will unlock the target.

No… there’s still no way to cancel locking the wrong target. CCPls!

Tip: When NOT to Cloak/MWD

New explorers, and even experienced explorers looking for a challenge or to reduce the ISK exposed to loss in hostile space often venture out in T1 Exploration frigates. Fitted with an Improved Cloaking Device II, an MWD, and minimal or no tank, we’re very squishy, and a tasty treat for gate camps and B274 campers.

We encounter four types of gate camps

  1. Instalocking camps, typically in Low Security space, and Wormholes.
  2. Bubble camps, typically in Null Security space, and Wormholes. These fall into two camps: anchored bubbles, and interdiction probe camps.
  3. Casual campers, who use anchored bubbles and have not-quite-instalocking ships.
  4. Smart bombs gate camps

EVE University has a good write-up, as do any number of other sites dating back years. I’m not going to discuss how to do it, but I do want to suggest when to use, and when NOT to use the Cloak-MWD ‘trick’, and that there are times where it is actually harmful.

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