Gateway to Unsecured Monkey Sex

Stratios v Gila wormhole PvP. How much exactly will my errors cost? Oh… about 200M ISK.

Is there a mispronunciation of Gila (heeehlah) that I overlooked inserting?

Rykki’s Indispensable Guide:



Stratios in a Guristas Rock Haven? Yep!

Not usually my thing, but with dank ticks being all the rage on the internets, I thought I’d pretend my Stratios is a VNI, and see what happens.

I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but I understand the whole 100MN VNI thing a lot better now.

Don’t even start on Heela vs Geelah… It’s that one cruiser… 🙂

And no, I’m not saying a Den is high risk/high reward – I’m saying the 5/10 escalation you get from them is. 🙂

Two for the Price of One!

A Stratios, a Thrasher, and two Asteros walk into a bar wormhole…

Lessons Learned or Reinforced:

  1. This bait, or the next?
    It’s hard to know whether to jump on the kill at hand, or wait for a bigger fish. This time, it paid to wait. I suppose the best guide I’ve found is the level of activity in the neighborhood. If we’re 30 jumps from Hek, then we’d better get what we can. If we’re one out from the Perimeter hole, it’s probably worth waiting.
  2. Always be D-Scanning, and watch your overview.
    This is perhaps the golden rule in most space. It doesn’t do much good to orbit and warp out to safes if you just keep orbiting when the hunter decloaks.
  3. Don’t get wrapped up in celebrating, and get surprised by a party crasher.
  4. Bonus! Hunting frigates with a cruiser? Sensor Boosters For-The-Win!



Wormhole Pirate

Put on your big girl panties, this one will make you cringe!

Rixx Javix and Dunk Dinkle were joshing on Twitter about why anyone would listen to Radiohead. I bought Pablo Honey for “Creep” shortly after it came out – and was sad to find that was the only song on that album (or any other I’ve heard) that I like. So, I’m no Radiohead fan, but why pass up the opportunity to gently troll such luminaries of EVE?

This one’s for you, gentlemen, with all my love and respect!

Special thanks to any of Dunk’s mates who play this on comms for his listening pleasure. Rixx doesn’t use comms, so he’ll probably never hear it unless Liz decides to hassle him with it.

Dei mos be de right address!

I’ve looked forward to becoming a Delivery Agent with WINGSPAN Delivery Services since only a few days after I first undocked. After very much learning to enjoy solo hunting (more on that later), I finally applied to and was accepted to become part of WINGSPAN Delivery Services.

Thus far, I’ve found WINGSPAN to be an excellent fit for my play style. Plenty of backup, adult, but not excessively vulgar comms, and all the freedom I want to enjoy solo wormhole piracy! I’ve struggled to earn my Delivery Agent wings for the past couple of weeks, however, due to RL distractions and difficulty connecting with recipients.

I’m pleased to have overcome that initial hurdle! There’s nothing unusual or special about this delivery, and there’s some issues with the live audio that I had trouble cleaning up, but it’s important to me, because it’s my first as a WINGSPAN Delivery Agent!

I learned a few things in particular on this excursion, and in reviewing the video:

  • Warp to 35 on gas clouds, not 20.
  • Spam lock after deactivating cloak, in case there is lag or other delay.
  • I need to use the radial menu more, and futz with the right click less.
  • The Fleet menu will collapse to a simple list – much easier on the screen real estate (if I think to shrink it), and adequate for small gangs.
  • Discuss who is grabbing the loot, so it doesn’t get forgotten!
  • I need to D-Scan more. I bang that key like… well, a lot, until I get on grid with a delivery recipient, then I get lax.

Special thanks to Delivery Coordinator Mei Long and “oh crap, it’s a Loki” Zevens, and o7 to Callen Isu and Maybe Later of Capital Endeavors for undocking with the intent to receive delivery!

Sorry you missed out on the delivery, Monster Baine, but hey, when the shift ends, the shift ends!